hair scrub

You’ve tried face and body scrubs -now try the ‘Hair Scrub’!

hair scrubWe’ve all tried out various face and body scrubs, but the new beauty breakthrough – the hair scrub may just be what your beauty routine has been missing. Regardless of which types of shampoos, conditioners and hair masks you use, are you taking good enough care of your scalp? The scalp is often overlooked and neglected, as many of us fail to remember that the skin underneath is where healthy, luscious hair growth begins. If you find yourself suffering from conditions such as dandruff, hair fall or even greasy locks, giving your scalp some extra care could be the secret to improving the condition of your hair.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Hair Scrub?

Hair scrubs can be suitable for everyone, as they help to stimulate blood circulation, remove build-up of dead skin cells and also even eliminate any product build-up on the scalp. All these benefits can help in promoting healthier hair growth as well as a natural shine.

If you find yourself suffering from hair which is thinning or perhaps not growing, adding a scalp scrub into your usual routine can improve the turnover and renewal of skin cells which will allow enough space for new hair growth. If your primary concern is greasy hair, a hair scrub can benefit you by removing any excessive grease which your shampoo missed, giving you more days between your hair washes.

How Often Should I Wash My Hair?

Generally the rule is that the thicker your hair, the less frequently you will need to wash it. Most women find that washing their hair two to three times a week is suitable enough for them. By keeping hair in a protective hairstyle, such as braids, you will be able to go longer between hair washes.

Although daily washing will not cause hair loss, the additional maintenance we do after a hair wash can weaken the hair causing it to fall out. Therefore it is advised to only wash your hair when it is needed.