what works for your skin could work for your hair

What works for your skin could work for your hair

what works for your skin could work for your hairExperts are continuously developing new ways to beautify and strengthen the hair. The most recent trend companies are using, is the addition of ingredients more commonly used in skincare products.

So, could what works for your skin also work for your hair?

Understanding the differences between the hair and skin

The hair and the skin do contain a very similar structure. However, there are a few differences between how they function which could determine just how well these new ingredients will work.

Your skin is a living organ and it constantly renews itself, with the ability to heal itself when damage occurs. Your hair on the other hand, is technically dead. It doesn’t heal once it becomes damaged. Instead, when it weakens, it simply snaps off and falls out. The only living part of it is located deeper within the scalp.

So, in order for the ingredients which help the skin to also help the hair, they’d need to be targeted at the area where it is still living – in the follicles.

Is it just a marketing gimmick?

So, are the products now advertising the use of peptides, antioxidants and stem cells just a marketing gimmick? Sadly, it appears they are.

Experts claim the only things that currently have any long-lasting effects on the hair are relaxants and dyes. The effects these have are mostly negative too. The trouble with the products using skin care ingredients, is that they contain too few ingredients to actually make much of a difference.

However, peptides do have the potential to help ageing hair. They’re known for boosting collagen levels, so they can help to make your locks look thicker and healthier. So, leave-in products which contain peptides could potentially work.

In the grand scheme of things however, most products with skin care ingredients added do tend to be mostly a marketing gimmick, failing to deliver any real benefits in terms of thickening and preventing loss.

Overall, if you are worried about shedding or thinning, it’s important to seek advice from a GP. There are numerous treatments available which will be much more effective than skincare ingredients, at both preventing and treating hair loss.

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