Why more women than ever are suffering from stress-related hair loss

Why more women are suffering from stress-related hair loss

Why more women than ever are suffering from stress-related hair lossWhilst at least a third of the male population will be experiencing some form of hair loss by the time they hit their mid 30s it’s usually regarded as a much rarer phenomenon for women. Actually, the real figure might surprise you as up to 12% of women will have experienced some form of abnormal, often stress-related hair loss and the figure is on the rise.

Three main causes of stress-related hair loss

There seems to be some consensus amongst doctors that the figures are the result of the stresses of modern life. There’s certainly plenty of evidence to suggest that three of the main causes of hair loss in women alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and trichotillomania are all anxiety and stress related.

The good news is that often it’s possible to treat the problem of stress-related hair loss by adapting your lifestyle and whilst that’s not always easy at least the solution lies in your hands. If you are shedding hair you should visit the GP or a hair loss expert to rule out hormonal problems or other underlying health issues and assuming that comes out all clear then it might be time to tackle the stress factor.

There are no quick fixes to stress

This isn’t a quick fix of course and often it’s hard to take a step back and consider what is causing the stress. Is it work, a lack of control, over commitment, a lack of time management? There is a wealth of reasons why stress develops and we rarely tackle it until it’s started to manifest itself physically.

Sometimes the best advice is the simplest when tackling stress and stress-related hair loss. As one stress specialist, Dr Amit Sood advises “Focus on a healthy diet, exercise, good sleep, and relationships. Consider yoga, meditation, or other relaxation techniques like music, massage, coloring, gardening, or reading.”

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