women pay twice as much as men for hair loss treatments

Women pay twice as much for hair loss treatments

women pay twice as much as men for hair loss treatmentsResearchers from the Perelman School of Medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania, have found that women are paying up to an average of forty percent more for common hair loss medication. These medications compromise of minoxidil foams and are commonly marketed under the brand name ‘Rogaine’.

The noticeable price difference exists between the male and female products, which are both marketed and branded differently despite the fact that the strength of the drug and inactive ingredients are practically the same. The lead author of the study pointed out that although it is well known that gender-based consumer price differences do exist, however this is the first time someone has analysed the differences in medications for genders.

Research suggests that in America alone, fifty million men and thirty million women suffer from androgenetic alopecia which causes thinning hair and receding hairlines. Hair loss treatment medications in the global market are estimated to reach almost $11.8 billion within just seven years.

What is minoxidil

Minoxdil is a leading hair loss treatment solution which is available to buy over the counter in most pharmacies across the country. Originally the drug strength in the women’s products was only two percent, whereas the men’s products were five percent.

In 2014, official organisations approved the use of five percent solution for women also and newer versions of the women’s products appeared in the market. Men are advised to use the foam twice daily and women should apply once a day only.

How can minoxidil reduce hair loss?

The drug works by slowing down current hair loss and stimulating hair growth. Ideally individuals who have recently started to lose their hair will have better results. The topical solution should be applied on a daily basis; however once the drug is stopped, most new hair can fall out within a few months.

For more information about this and other hair loss treatments, why not book an appointment with an expert.

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