Woman Blames Contraceptive Pill For Massive Hair Loss

A young Australian journalist was not taking it lying down when she lost 70% of her hair. She wanted to know why it had happened and what she could about it. We look closer.

Kellie Scott

Today, Kellie is happy go lucky 33 year old journalist from Queensland in Australia. But 7 years ago she experienced a terrible bout of sudden hair loss. Kellie blames the hair loss on a switch of contraceptive pill she made that year, a change she made due to potential health risks associated with her previous pill. Aware that the contraceptive pill was a potent medicine Kellie performed research which supported her theory that the hair loss was triggered by that switch of contraception.

While she might be right, she speaks of seeing a series of endocrinologists, trichologists, and dermatologists in an attempt to identify the problem and find a solution.


It would take fully 5 years before Kellie would receive a diagnosis. Of androgenetic alopecia. That inherited form of hair loss that affects the majority of people the world over.

She speaks eloquently about how low the experience left her. Describing crying to sleep watching hair loss cure miracle videos on the web. “So much of our femininity is tied up with our hair, we’re told as little girls that men prefer long hair,” Kellie tells her Instagram followers. Of which there are many. “But this is 2019 and that is bullsh*t,” she added.

For Kellie, the fight with her own hair loss would end in 2017 when she discovered the simple pleasure of the clip-in hairpiece that added hair to the top of the head. An experience she found transformative, though not without its challenges. One of the hurdles would be how to tell friends and family, and wondering what their reaction might be.

As a journalist the answer was obvious. Kellie started out by sharing her diagnosis on Instagram, followed by the declaration that she had chosen to go the route of “fake hair.” It put the truth out there and saved countless awkward moments. It also created her profile as a role model and inspiration to many other women in the same position. Today she boasts 9000 followers to her Instagram account.

Hair Loss For Women

It seems strange that it took so long for Kellie to receive her diagnosis, it seems to have been the catalyst that drove her toward accepting her condition and turning her attention to finding her solution. If you would like to see more about Kellie’s story click here to see her Instagram account.

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