Why shedding pounds could cause your head to shed

You have put the diet off for so long that when you finally decide to tackle your weight issue, you do it aggressively, losing lots of weight, really quickly. But at what cost? Crash diets may yield weight loss results quickly, but you may not end up looking as good as you’d anticipated.

Dangers of weight loss and crash dieting

Losing weight quickly by cutting your calorie intake substantially and removing important nutrients from your diet won’t just make you feel unwell – you’ll look it too.

You may be consuming vitamins and minerals in large quantities as part of a vegetable-high diet, but if you don’t balance the veg with carbs, protein, and even fats many of those vitamins and minerals will lack a critical gateway into your bloodstream, or a means of being broken down into serviceable parts in your body.

Consequently, your skin and hair will suffer. Your skin will look dull, dry, tired and the follicles in your scalp (and everywhere else on your body) will revolt, leading to hair loss at extraordinary rates.

Telogen Effluvium

This is the name given to one of the phases of the follicle. During this phase, hair will stop growing for a few months while the follicle rests. After it has rested, the follicle will shrink, effectively expelling the hair strand, at which point it falls out.

A crash diet puts your body into starvation mode and the first organ to stop functioning is the skin – and the cells contained in the skin.

What can you do?

Stop crash dieting. Get smart and design a well-balanced food plan going forward. Consult a dietician if you have to. Integrate exercise and restful sleep into your routine. All of this will get your circulation working more effectively again and by feeding your scalp you are feeding the follicles that grow hair.

If you are really concerned and feel like your scalp needs more help, try a topical treatment that contains minoxidil. Applied twice daily, follicles are stimulated and will begin to produce hair again. Minoxidil is a clinically proven treatment for hair loss – the only one – but your persistence is necessary in order to see results.

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