Eyebrow loss in women

What causes eyebrow loss?

eyebrow lossHow much thought do you give to your eyebrows? The majority of people don’t really think about their brows at all. After all, they’ve always been there and they require very little maintenance. So eyebrow loss can come as a bit of a shock.

The eyebrows play a huge part in the overall appearance of the face. Having them shaped for example, can really alter how you look. They also help to protect the eyes from dirt and sweat, as well as helping to express varying emotions.

Therefore, if they do disappear, it can be devastating. So why do eyebrows disappear?

Causes of eyebrow loss

The eyebrows can start to disappear for a number of reasons including:

  • Over-plucking
  • Infection
  • Chemotherapy
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Medications

No matter what the cause, losing your eyebrows can be distressing. However, there are a few great treatment options you can take advantage of to regain the brows and your confidence.

Exploring your options

The type of treatment you seek will depend upon whether the eyebrow loss is temporary or permanent. Temporary solutions include drawing them back on.

There are a lot of videos online which show you how to achieve perfect painted or drawn-on brows. However, if the loss is more permanent, an eyebrow transplant or tattooing would be better options.

Eyebrow transplants aren’t overly common, but they work in the same way as a scalp hair transplant. They offer long-lasting, natural results. The most popular treatment right now however, is eyebrow tattoos.

Not to be confused with body tattooing, eyebrow tattoos are carried out via an SMP style treatment. They offer semi-permanent results, fading after around one year. Small cuts are made before ink is injected into the top layer of skin. The results have been impressive, causing the procedure to become the latest, most popular solution to faded brows.

Overall it can be distressing and embarrassing to lose the eyebrows, but as you can see there are treatment options available. Eyebrow tattoos are worth looking into and if you don’t like them, they’ll be gone after a year.

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