losing my hair

Why Am I Losing My Hair?

losing my hairIf you’ve started to experience hair loss, you’re no doubt desperate to find a solution. Any amount of hair loss can be worrying, but before you panic, it’s worth getting to the bottom of the issue.

There’s actually a lot of different causes of hair loss. Each requires a very different form of treatment so it’s important to establish the real cause before you can start to combat it. Here, you’ll discover more about just some of the different causes of hair loss.  It’s not an exhaustive list but it covers some of the main areas.


Perhaps the most common cause of hair loss is genetics. Responsible for male pattern baldness and female pattern hair loss, genetics play a large role in whether you’ll retain a full head of hair as you get older. Unfortunately, nothing can really prevent genetic related hair loss, but there are some great treatment options available to minimise the condition.


It’s absolutely true that stress can make your hair fall out. However, it’s only significant levels of stress, or a physical trauma, which can lead to stress related hair loss. It’s entirely possible for the hair to start falling out after a stressful event such as moving to a new house or getting divorced. However, it is a temporary form of hair loss and the hair will grow back eventually.


Sometimes, hair loss can be triggered by another underlying medical condition. Thyroid problems for example, are known to trigger hair loss. Autoimmune diseases such as lupus can also trigger the hair to start falling out, and some can even cause permanent baldness. In order to treat the hair loss, the medical problem needs to be dealt with first.


Although it’s actually really unlikely for diet to lead to hair loss, it isn’t impossible. Nutrient deficiencies can cause all kinds of problems for the hair cycle. Iron, protein and Vitamin C deficiencies can all lead to hair loss and hair thinning. So, if no other cause seems possible, it could well be related to your diet.

The above is just some of the causes of hair loss. Before treatment can be prescribed, the actual cause will need to be fully diagnosed. The majority of hair loss conditions are only temporary, but the earlier you can start treatment, the less noticeable it will become.  If you’re concerned about hair loss then don’t hesitate to get it contact with our friendly team of experts for a free and confidential consultation on  +44 (0)845 359 2915