Could wasabi be the answer to female hair loss?

Could wasabi be the answer to female hair loss?

Could wasabi be the answer to female hair loss?For those of you who haven’t encountered it before, wasabi is that fiery green paste that comes with sushi. If you’ve tried it it’s probably one of the last things you would consider rubbing into your scalp but actually, it’s now being hailed as a new miracle cure for hair loss in men and women.

It has to be real wasabi or it won’t work

The first thing to note is that it has to be the real thing. Most commercially available wasabi is just based on horseradish and doesn’t contain the leaves of the wasabi plant. It’s the leaves that pack the hair loss punch as they contain the chemical isosaponarin which according to some experts is three times more effective at stimulating follicles in the scalp than leading clinically proven hair hair-growth chemicals such as Rogaine.

David Salinger, the Director of the International Association of Trichologists recently stated in an interview with the Australian version of Cosmopolitan Magazine, “In theory, [wasabi] certainly could be of benefit [to hair growth], and let’s hope it is. It would mainly benefit genetic hair loss in men and women,”.

Not necessarily a cure for hair loss

The second thing to note, is that the company making the hair restoring claims, Kinin is one of the world’s leading wasabi companies so they definitely have a commercial interest in developing new sales channels for their product.

At this stage it’s probably best to view wasabi as a hair loss treatment with potential for the future. It hasn’t gone through any clinical trials and, whilst it’s probably unlikely to damage your hair it may cause a delay in seeking proven treatments.

Dealing with hair loss is often about catching the problem early enough to make effective use of topical compounds and drugs like minoxidil and finasteride. If you are concerned, why not book an appointment to speak with a hair loss expert.

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