Could a vegetarian diet combat hair loss?

Want to combat hair loss? Experts claim a vegetarian diet could be the answer

Could a vegetarian diet combat hair loss?Diet is often linked to numerous health problems. It’s well-known to have a significant links to healthy hair and skin. So, if your hair suddenly starts to fall out or become thinner, it could be down to what you’re eating, and changing your diet could help combat hair loss.

Some experts claim a vegetarian diet could be the answer to your hair loss worries. So how could it help and is assessing your diet really the best solution to female-related hair loss?

Using a vegetarian diet to combat hair loss

Priya Kathpal, a nutritionist, has recently put together a sample vegetarian diet that is said to combat hair loss. Starting out with a protein packed breakfast, followed by revitalising snacks and a biotin rich dinner, this diet is said to contain everything your hair needs to flourish.

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients needed to retain healthy hair. So, you want to focus on eating a bowl of porridge, or eggs for breakfast. Oats are especially recommended as they also contain Omega 6 fatty acids and iron, both known to combat hair loss.

In terms of snacks, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables and walnuts are great options. Citrus fruits come packed with vitamin C, which aids in healthy hair growth. Green leafy vegetables help boost haemoglobin levels, while walnuts contain plenty of B vitamins, magnesium and vitamin E.

Things to consider

More women than ever before are reporting hair loss as a major concern. Female pattern baldness is common and can be caused by numerous factors. While diet can help to improve the health of the hair, it’s rarely going to help you regrow any hair that has already been lost.

There could be a number of reasons why you have started losing your hair. Very rarely will diet alone help to solve the problem. Instead, you should visit a doctor to establish what’s causing the hair loss and what the best treatment approach should be.

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