Vitamins for the prevention of female hair loss

Vitamins for female pattern baldness

It’s clear to everyone that vitamins, in the correct doses are always going to have a beneficial impact on our lives. However, before discussing these benfits, and in particular, the vitamins that are pertinent to hair loss in women, it may be an idea to establish how exactly the hair grows.

Hair is made up of compacted cells which grow from follicles. However, additionally, did you know that it has four particular stages relating to it’s growth. These stages comprise of active growth, transitional growth, a resting stage and a return growth stage. On that very return growth stage, the old hair that has been resting will be pushed out to make way for the latter phase.

Providing that there’s no disruption to proceedings and events, the cycle of hair growth will remain the same. However, the moment that there are changes, hair growth becomes a different matter.

Hair loss can be caused by a variant of reasons – some of them more common than others. For example, postpartum hair loss is not so unusual and is induced by the change of estrogene levels. Genetics can also play a relatively leading role in proceedings. If you mother has maintained a healthy head of hair that has remained in tact until a ripe old age, the chances are that you will continue along similar lines. Yet there are also other factors, such as illness, stress and more importantly, deficency in vitamins.

Which Vitamins are Best for Hair Loss?

  • Any of the B Vitamins : Any of the Vitamin B Complexes are going to benefit your hair. Included in this range is the all important and crucial Biotin which is also vital in combating hair loss.
  • Omega 3 : Often, hair loss can also be linked to a deficiency in Omega 3 fatty acids. These are found in the majority of oily fish, however, you can also get a good boost of omega 3 from flax seeds, walnuts, tofu and soybeans.
  • Vitamin B12 : The largest and most complex of all the vitamins, is B12. This is the vitamin that, if you’re lacking even a little, will result in anemia. To boost your B12 levels, top up on shell fish and don’t forget to eat your red meat and dairy! It’s possible that a lack of B12 will play roles in hair loss in women, however, a blood test can determine whether not you’re deficient.
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