Victoria Derbyshire announces the end of her chemotherapy hair loss

Victoria Derbyshire announces hair loss is over and it’s time to remove her wig

Victoria Derbyshire announces the end of her chemotherapy hair lossIt’s particularly cruel that one of the side effects of chemotherapy is hair loss. For many who haven’t experienced it, it may seem like very much the secondary consideration when your life is potentially under threat and of course that is the logical, if dispassionate view. It’s true to say however that the loss of hair during treatment can be the most psychologically traumatic part of the treatment, particularly for women who are already at a low ebb because of the illness.

Don’t judge me for hating hair loss

Victoria Derbyshire recently announced it was time to remove her wig after undergoing chemotherapy last year to treat breast cancer. Throughout the treatment, she kept a video diary and many of viewers will remember her fighting back tears as she dealt with going bald. Looking back on the time when she lost 75% of her hair and took to wearing a wig she said “I have to say losing my hair was the worst bit about cancer treatment for me, more so than having a mastectomy. Don’t judge me for that it’s just the way I felt”.

There’s something really optimistic…

The good news for Derbyshire and many other people who endure hair loss due to chemo is that in most cases it’s strictly a temporary problem. A year after the treatment her hair is growing back and although the style is still somewhat shorter than previously it looks modern and contemporary and she points out it’s shinier and thicker than before.

For anyone undergoing the treatment and suffering with hair loss Derbyshire hopes that her experience will provide some light at the end of the tunnel. In her words “The point is, this is proof … that once chemo is complete your hair does grow back and when you’re in some of those dark moments during chemo you do doubt that…. but your body does slowly renew itself once chemo is complete and there’s something really optimistic about that.”

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