Unexpected pregnancies and female hair loss – the effects of a dangerous new diet

Fad diets are common and the dangers they pose to the health are very real. However, there’s a new diet in town that’s causing quite a stir due to its bizarre and dangerous side effects – including female hair loss – and it’s called The Cambridge diet.

While it has produced outstanding results, helping many people to lose over half their body weight, this new fad diet is being investigated in Australia due to its unhealthy and dangerous effects.

Unexpected pregnancies and female hair loss just two known side effects

When you’re following a strict diet, you expect it to have a somewhat negative effect on the health. However, unexpected pregnancies and female hair loss are not what you typically expect!

The reason many people have developed hair loss after following the Cambridge diet is because it is extremely restrictive with the nutrients it provides the body.

In order to develop thick, healthy hair, you need to have a good level of vitamins and minerals. When you cut out a large portion of nutrient-rich foods, it’s going to impact your hair. In fact, diet has often been a major link to hair loss so it’s no big surprise it’s one of the side effects of this new fad diet.

It may be tempting to opt for a fad diet if you’re looking to lose weight quickly. However, you really need to consider the health implications involved.

Will a good diet prevent female hair loss?

So, if a diet such as the Cambridge diet can cause hair loss, does that mean if you stick to a healthy eating regime you’ll prevent it? Sadly, it doesn’t. There are so many different causes of hair loss so while eating a healthy diet can certainly ensure you have healthier hair, it may not prevent hair loss entirely.

Overall what you eat does play a large role in hair loss so it is important to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet. However, be aware that if you’re experiencing hair loss it could be down to a wide range of factors. Consult a doctor to receive a proper diagnosis.

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