TV’s “Loose Women” discuss female-pattern balding

Loose Women discuss female-pattern baldingSpeaking recently on Loose Women, in an emotional conversation about female hair loss Nadia Sawalha revealed that she was suffering from female-pattern balding and that her hair was “less than a quarter of what it used to be”.

Hair loss not due to pregnancy but to female-pattern balding…

In Nadia’s case she is suffering from female-pattern balding which is a permanent hereditary condition. At first she put the hair loss down to pregnancy but when the hair didn’t grow back and continued to drop out after the birth, she realized that she had a problem. A trip to a specialist in London confirmed that she had the bald gene.

In a broad discussion about hair loss Gloria Hunniford became tearful as she recounted her daughter Caron Keating’s tragic struggle with cancer and how she was affected by the hair loss, never letting her little boy see her without a wig to try to alleviate his anxiety. Hair loss is an added indignity for many suffering with cancer as hair is closely tied to identity.

Guilty feelings about being shallow

Whilst Nadia said she felt guilt at becoming so worried about her hair loss because it wasn’t life threatening like cancer she was very clear in expressing the worries and trauma that many women feel if they are diagnosed with female pattern balding.

She explained, “It is just devastating for me. I am really, really worried about it. I don’t know what to do because I do define myself with my hair. I feel really shallow about it.”.

The reality is that for most women, hair loss can be a serious problem and it isn’t shallow at all to be worried about it, regardless of the cause. Where hair loss is permanent and hard to treat the psychological effects of lowered self-esteem and lack of confidence can be debilitating.

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