The treatment of hair loss in women

The treatment of hair loss in women

No one would choose to lose their hair. Hair loss has a psychological impact on anyones life. It can be not only alarming but also very stressful to the person that it’s affecting. Invariably, you’ll have been hot on the heels of google, searching for cures and treatments. However, all that this will provide you with is expensive choices of tonics and potions that will possibly do nothing other than make a huge dent into your bank balance.

Of course, there is also that ever popular google searching that you will have also probably done searching under the terms containing the words “natural hair loss remedies”. This, in turn, considering how little scientists research it, may well be a better, and certainly cheaper, option.

When looking at female hair loss rememedies, why not start at the very beginning? One of the most logical reasonsings pertaining to this will be interior wellbeing. Start with the inside and work your way out. For this very reason, we’ve decided to begin this article by discussing those top five superfoods that you should be serving up on your plate before you even begin down the road of potions!

Top Five Foods for a Healthy Head of Hair

  1. Oily fish such as salmon or mackrel are packed with Omega 3 and will give you a great shine and lustre.
  2. Anything that’s packed with protein. Your hair is made of protein and any food containing it will only make it stronger. Dairy products are the perfect solution.
  3. Iron is a vital ingredient to a healthy head of hair. A deficiency can cause anaemia which can result in hair loss. Leafy green vegetables, particularly spinach is ideal for boosting iron levels.
  4. Biotin, also known as Vitamin B7 or H, is a vitamin B complex that is vital for the vitality of your hair. Too little of it will cause breakage leading to eventual hair loss. Pack in the peanuts and don’t forget to pile your plate high with the root veggies.
  5. Zinc plus selenium are crucial for the overall protection of your scalp. Ensure that your diet contains a good dose of wholegrain and cereal to maintain a decent level.

It’s clear and obvious that a healthy diet is certainly going to weigh heavily in the maintenance of healthy hair. However, it’s not the only way to ensure that it remains not only shiny and thick, but also firmly in place.

Many oils are capable of stimulating the blood vessels in the scalp which will result in the general flow of blood. This blood flow carries nutrients, taking them to the hair follicles. It’s a process that is crucial in hair growth and particularly in the unfortunate event of hair loss. It’s a slow process and perseverance is an additional ingredient, however, massaging your scalp twice a week should produce results after six or seven months.

Oils to be considered are :

  • Coconut oil – a firm and time honored favorite.
  • Almond Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Lavendar Oil
  • Emu Oil

When administering the oils, us a small amount in the palm of your hand and gently massage for around three minutes into your scalp. Thereafter, leave for any length of time ranging from a minimum of half an hour right up to overnight. Gently shampoo and repeat in around three to four days.

Additionally, it is also advisable to search for any hair care products that contain that vital ingredient Biotin. Studies have shown that it’s not just an ingestion of supplements that improve hair growth, direct administration to the scalp can also greatly assist.

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