Evening primrose oil and hair loss

Treating hair loss with evening primrose oil

Whilst there are a number of pharmaceutical, alongside someone invasive medical treatments, for hair loss, an increasing number of people want natural remedies to address hair loss symptoms. One treatment, Evening Primrose Oil, sounds like a superficial cosmetic oil, but it has a powerful effect on people who want to take a serious attempt at eliminating hair loss and is a worthwhile treatment for people on the search for supplementry or alternative treatments.

Fabulous Fatty Acids

The amount of people who have testified to the effectiveness of this oil that is filled with nutritional benefits is striking. Not only have many prevented hair loss using Evening Primrose Oil, many users have found that they gain a significant amount of hair growth, even in people with drastic hair thinning and loss. This is due to the powerful nutrients that are reputed to be excellent growth stimulants. The main nutrient is a particular acid called Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) that is responsible for eliminating hair loss. This fatty acid is essential to hair’s development and growth maintenance.

Good for all, Better for Thyroid Sufferers

Both genders will benefit from using Evening Primrose Oil. Women, who tend to lose hair due to an imbalance of testosterone will benefit as the oil inhibits any conversions of this hormone at the site of the hair follicle.
Many people with hyperthyroidism also tout the benefits of the oil, citing not only an improvement of the condition of their hair, but also improvements in fatigue and moods. These emotional and energetic changes, complemented by an improved appearance from one’s head of hair, to even the eyebrows (which tend to thin in hyperthyroidism) entice many people with thyroid issues to use the supplements.

Balance is Good, Help is Best

Evening Primrose Oil is generally safe, but over use can cause side effects. Stomach and head problems can be a real irritation if one is over zealous. Since Evening Primrose Oil can only be consumed using diet and supplementation and because hair loss can indicate other health conditions, seeking professional care never hurts. There is an added benefit of using the supplement in a balanced regime that is tailored to your specific dietary needs.

Twice a Day, but : Less is More

The commonly recommended dose is 500 mg, twice a day for at least two months. Visible signs of hair growth should take about a month and a half. The oil is available in a variety of formats

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