Travolta Reveals Inspiration For Going Bald

In an interview with Extra, John Travolta explains his decision to come clean about his hair loss and finally go bald.


A Life With Hair

John Travolta, far more than just about any other actor we can think of, was a man for whom his hair was key. It is simply unimaginable that he could have got the early roles he did without his magnificent mane. Grease required him to comb his hair in almost every scene. In Saturday Night Fever his character constantly preened and admired himself in any available reflective surface.

It is therefore entirely understandable that he chose to don a hair system. At which precise point he began wearing the system is less clear, though rumors suggest it was early on.

A Change of Heart

Travolta shocked his legions of fans with a tweet at new year. The picture showed him with his daughter at a black tie event, sporting no system and exposing his bald crown officially for the first time with the caption “I hope everyone had a great New Year!”

In his interview with Extra, Travolta talks about his close friend and singer Armando Perez, known as Pitbull.  He shared that Pitbull would send pictures of Travolta in which he had superimposed a bald head onto Travolta’s hair system with a note saying “I prefer this.” Along with friends, family and people in his employ, Travolta decided he had enough people around him “championing this whole idea…” that he decided to take the plunge and ditch the wig.


The reaction to his tweet was amazing. “The biggest fun has been just the response to it, I felt like Zoolander or something – I came out and suddenly, my new look became headline news.” Travolta himself describes his new look as a lot easier… “Life’s simpler.” Wife Kelly Preston, he also tells us, loves it… “She has always loved the idea,” he said. Family and friends are delighted.

Hair Loss For Women

We are delighted to see him embrace his natural look. He is of an age, at 64, where the majority of his peers will be in the same situation. It is hard to believe there is any threat to his career since he can always slip the system back on for a role. Not least though, because he remains a very handsome man without the hair. You can see the original interview on Extra here.

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