Thickening shampoo - a paradox in a bottle?

Thickening shampoo – a paradox in a bottle?

Thickening shampoo - a paradox in a bottle?Normally, as a good consumer you expect the products you buy to actually do what they say on the bottle. However, in the case of some types of thickening shampoo you might find that the end result is exactly the opposite of what you expect.

Simpler is better for thinning hair

The problem is that over the years manufacturers have lost sight of the main purpose of a shampoo, which is simply to clean the hair. In an effort to develop a competitive advantage more and more ingredients have been added to the formulas which can stay behind on the scalp and actually inhibit hair growth. For someone with a predisposition to thin hair the simpler the formula the better and 2-in-1 products should be avoided at all cost.

One alternative to thickening shampoo is scalp micropigmentation (SMP). More commonly associated with a man’s buzz cut this procedure works by creating the illusion of layered hair on the scalp with organic pigments. On a bald head the look is startlingly realistic, clean cut and becoming increasingly popular. It’s also a great solution for people with thinning hair because it reduces the glare from the scalp and the contrast between skin and actual hair, giving a generally thicker look to the whole head. The great news is that it’s permanent and required no maintenance.

Restyling, not thickening shampoo, might be the answer

Another option, maybe one to consider in conjunction with SMP is finding a hair stylist who specialises in thin hair. Scott Ade from Daniel Hersheson has developed a neat way of adding volume to thinning hair and his skills were recently verified by Alice Smellie from the Daily Mail, who was impressed, not only with the immediate effects, but also the fact that her hair still looked significantly thicker after she’d shampooed and styled it herself.

If you’re worried about thinning hair and finding it hard to tear yourself away from your thickening shampoo, then it might pay to pop along to a hair loss clinic or speak to a stylist rather than trying to find all the answers in a bottle!

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