The #baldandbadchallenge helps women deal with baldness

The #baldandbadchallenge helps women with baldness

The #baldandbadchallenge helps women deal with baldnessFemale baldness is clearly not as common as it is for men but there are still plenty of potential causes for the condition that effect millions of women. These include chemotherapy, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium and in some cases just personal choice.

Baldness can be debilitating

Whatever the cause, hair loss for women can be a traumatic experience because of the association for many between long hair and femininity. Baldness can result in a lack of self-worth and much reduced confidence to the point where the condition becomes debilitating and severely life changing.

This is where the #baldandbadchallenge comes in. It’s a social media movement designed to challenge society’s beauty norms by encouraging women with a lack of hair to publish selfies and some of the resulting pictures are truly beautiful, as well as bold.

One twitter user who suffered with cancer, Emily Winterstein who is now thankfully free of the disease posted, “finally learning to love myself and how I looked 2 years ago”. Another Anriana Brazer used the platform as an opportunity to show herself visiting bald children.

A sense of community

This is perhaps why the social media movement is so powerful. Yes, it challenges the accepted images of beauty but more importantly it creates a sense of community for others who have perhaps been suffering alone.

After all, one of the effects of female baldness can be a terrible isolation out of shame and embarrassment and there is nothing more empowering to suddenly see that there are lots of other people with the same condition who are prepared to share their experiences.

Thousands of women have now taken part in the challenge, with some of the posts being so inspirational that it’s not hard to imagine many women might actually decide to take the razor to their hair, purely out of choice.

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