Teenage girls and hair loss: The Facts

teenage girls and hair loss: the factsHair thinning may be most commonly associated as a sign of old age, but it can actually strike at any age. Many teenagers, especially girls, start to notice changes within the thickness of their hair and sometimes even patches of hair loss.

It’s difficult enough for grown men and women to deal with, but when it affects teenage girls, it can be particularly devastating. So, what causes teenage girls to start losing their hair? Below we’ll look at some of the key facts surrounding teenage girls and hair loss.

Could hormonal changes be to blame?

One of the most common reasons hair shedding can strike during the teenage years is because of hormonal changes. There’s evidence to back up the effect hormones have on the hair and as teenagers go through a lot of hormonal changes during puberty.

The main culprit is a hormone known as DHT; something that’s present in both men and women. High levels of DHT start to cause the hair follicles to shrink, in turn leading to hair loss. It’s a natural process, and any shedding caused by hormonal changes is only temporary. Once the hormones balance out again, the hair loss will stop. However, this understandably doesn’t make it any easier for a teenage girl to deal with.

Over-styling can contribute

There’s been a rise in hair loss related to over-styling in recent years. This is largely down to the pressure placed upon young girls and women to constantly look their best these days. Over-styling with heated appliances can cause the hair to weaken and snap off.

The same applies for tight fitting hairstyles or extensions. These can lead to a type of hair shedding referred to as traction alopecia. Stress placed upon the hair follicle can lead to damage which in some cases, can be permanent.

Overall, there are many reasons teenage girls may experience hair thinning or loss and the above are just two of the main ones. Medications such as birth control pills, can also contribute. Therefore, it’s important to seek advice from a doctor or hair loss expert before a treatment plan can be set up. There are treatments available and the good news is that most teenage hair loss is only temporary.

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