Caffeine for hair loss

Add some caffeine to your beauty regime

Caffeine for hair lossYes, it’s true!  After all these years of being told that caffeine is bad for you it turns out that it actually has a whole range of beauty benefits.  In the words of facialist Su-Man  “Caffeine has the ability to drain excess fluid from the tissue so, when applied topically, it drains water retention to give your skin an instant lift and firm feeling”.  Topically is the key here though.  It’s no good expecting your morning skinny latte to do the job. This is all about application directly on to the skin in a number of different products.

Caffeine “a stimulator of human hair growth”

What’s good for the skin is usually also great for the hair, after all hair follicles are effectively modified skin cells.  The International Journal of Dermatology recently published research which concluded that caffeine is “a stimulator of human hair growth”.   It’s still early days as the hair growth was seen in lab condition on tissue that had been removed from fourteen men in the early stages of balding.  Nonetheless the results were impressive with all the samples showing some hair growth after 8 days of being exposed to different levels of caffeine with the highest concentrations producing the best results.

Not yet the perfect cure for hair loss

Whilst the research is encouraging for anyone suffering from baldness it does come with a couple of caveats:

  1. It’s early days and certainly not a recognized treatment. If you’re experiencing hair loss and you want to treat it then rubbing a caffeine compound on to your head is no replacement for seeking expert advice and proven treatments.  Putting your faith in caffeine could just cause more delay and further irreversible hair loss.
  2. Caffeine can be absorbed into the blood stream through the skin so just because you’re not drinking it some there still needs to be some caution about the levels being applied.

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