traction alopecia

Tackling Traction Alopecia

traction alopeciaTraction alopecia is a condition which can literally take a hold of your hairline and cause your hair to fall out in clumps. There can be multiple factors leading to the development of traction alopecia, however the condition can be traced back to one root cause; persistent pulling on the hair roots.

Causes Of Traction Alopecia

The condition develops over a period of time, as the hair is placed under constant strain or tension. Eventually the root can become damaged which leads to scarring and permanent hair loss. The whole process does take a couple of years, but the following hairstyle choices are known to contribute to the onset of traction alopecia;

  • Very tight ponytails and pigtails
  • Tight braids or cornrows
  • Dreadlocks
  • Hair extensions
  • Hair weaves or wigs that are attached by glue, hairclips or tape
  • Hair accessories such as barrettes, clips or headbands which hold the hair tightly and are worn in the same position on a daily basis
  • Headgear such as cycling helmets which are worn on a frequent basis or are worn repeatedly and rub against the same area of hair
  • Hair styling tools such as hair rollers

Although none of these hairstyle choices will immediately cause traction alopecia, you must monitor how much, if any hair that you are losing between styles so that you can stop the condition from developing any further.

Recovering From Traction Alopecia

Fortunately, traction alopecia can be reversed if it is caught in time. As it takes a certain amount of time for hair follicles to deteriorate, it also takes time (up to nine months) for the follicles to recover.

You can remedy damage by taking proper care of the hair and using specialised products which stimulate hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle. Remember though, that you need to be patient if you want to reverse hair damage and must treat your hair kindly.