The supplement that cured my hair loss

This supplement cured my hair loss

The supplement that cured my hair lossHair loss is a condition that is normally only associated with men and it’s true that by the age of 50% at least half the male population will show some signs of balding. What you probably didn’t realise is that by the same age up to 25% of the female population have also experienced some form of hair loss.

The effects of shedding hair can be traumatic for women as society’s view of female beauty is completely intertwined with long healthy hair. Hair loss can make women feel less sensuous, lack confidence and devalued. It’s not surprising then that many women turn to all kinds of treatments to help tackle the problem.

Tying hair back made hair loss look worse

The Daily Express recently ran an article about 29 year old Kellie Jones from London who began to experience shedding when she was only 27. In her case the problem was exacerbated by her career choice and the fact that the thinning hair was at the front of her head. As she said, “it made me feel really self-conscious, particularly because I’m a dentist and have to wear my hair up to work, exposing my hair line.”

Her boyfriend saved the day

According to Kellie, it was her boyfriend who saved the day when he suggested she tried a supplement produced by Oxford Biolabs. Within three months Kellie’s hair was thickening to the point where she even noticed her eyelashes were fuller. The product works by stimulating the potassium channels which gradually wear out over time in both men and women’s hair cells.

Whilst this is great news for Kellie it won’t be a cure for everyone. Hair loss and the reasons for it can be as varied as they are complex. Alopecia can be triggered by environmental factors such as stress or anxiety or it may be an autoimmune reaction. The key thing is not to self-diagnose. If you notice substantial thinning or bald patches then make an appointment to see your GP or contact a specialist hair loss clinic.

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