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Super Foods for Super Hair

super foodsAs a woman, losing your hair can be a traumatic experience, even if you simply notice the hair is thinning, rather than leaving behind bald spots. It’s linked to a woman’s identity so it’s understandable hair loss can cause a drop in self esteem and confidence.

There’s actually quite a lot of causes of hair loss in women and one which you may be experiencing is seasonal based hair loss. This tends to cause more hair to fall out in the summer and autumn months and it can range drastically in severity. However, some experts claim the right diet could help to prevent and treat this type of temporary hair loss. Here, we’ll look at the top foods experts recommend and whether a change in diet could be the best option.

What super foods should you eat to prevent hair loss?

According to some experts, foods rich in fatty acids are a good option to prevent hair loss. This is especially true if you notice your scalp is scaly or dry. Essential fatty acids are known to play a vital role in ensuring the hair and scalp are healthy. Some of the best foods to add to your diet which are rich in fatty acids include avocados, flaxseed oil and oily fish. You could also take an Omega-3 supplement for best results.

Fruits and vegetables are also recommended, but largely it’s advised you eat a balanced diet packed full of different nutrients. But could diet alone really help to prevent baldness?

Can diet alone help?

Making changes to your diet to ensure you’re getting plenty of nutrients can certainly help reduce the risk of some types of hair loss. However, it’s highly unlikely this alone will stop you from suffering from hair loss at some time in your life. This is because there’s so many different causes of hair loss and diet isn’t going to affect any underlying issues you may be experiencing.

Therefore, it’s better to seek advice from a hair specialist or a doctor, as they will be able to point you in the direction of the best hair loss treatments. There’s a wide range of treatments available such as medications, topical treatments, laser therapy and even SMP. So, don’t rely on diet alone to fix your hair loss issues – book a free and confidential consultation today to find out which type of treatment will work best for you.