how to style your hair to disguise hair loss

How to style your hair to disguise hair loss

how to style your hair to disguise hair lossFemale pattern hair loss is more common than you might think. Leading largely to an overall thinning of the hair, it can understandably be a devastating, embarrassing problem for women to experience. If your hair loss is affecting your confidence, the good news is there are ways you can hide it. Here we’ll look at some of the best ways to style your hair to disguise hair loss.

Face-framing layers and forward styling

While it’s less common with female pattern baldness, it is possible to notice the hair around your temples and hairline is starting to thin. If this is the type of thinning you’re experiencing, face-framing layers are a great way to disguise hair loss.

Similarly, styling the hair forwards can also really help. Simply use a rounded brush when blow drying the hair, using it to pull the hair forwards. You can also pull the longer hair from behind, in front of the shorter hair.

Switch up your parting to disguise hair loss

One of the more common types of hair loss experienced occurs along the parting. You may have noticed your parting now looks wider for example. To cover it up, simply change the parting. Experts recommend using a criss-cross parting for best cover-up results. It’s easy to do – just pull a small piece of hair over to the left, then another piece over to the right and continue until you reach the end.

What about all over thinning?

So, what if your hair is thinning all over? In that case, there aren’t many tricks you can try to disguise hair loss. Well, a wig could work, but if you’re looking for a better solution, you might want to try SMP. This works by tattooing the scalp with naturalistic pigments, creating a shaded look that blends in with your natural hair.

Female pattern baldness is a common problem and it presents itself differently to male pattern baldness. It’s rare for a woman to go completely bald and the front of the hairline hardly ever fully recedes.

Overall, there are great treatments available for those looking for a more permanent cover-up solution. However, in the meantime the styling ideas above are a great way to disguise those thinning and bald spots caused by female pattern baldness.

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