Stress And Hair Loss

stressIf you have been suffering from a lot of stress lately, it’s possible that you will have noticed that your hair is shedding more than usual. Stress can actually cause all kinds of physical symptoms which are completely unexpected and this can include hair loss.

There is nothing wrong with worrying about how your hair looks, as many of us want our hair to look its best. If you think that your hair has suddenly changed in more than one way, consider it to be a wakeup call. Stress can wreak havoc on your hair through the following few ways;


  1. Hair Loss Has Increased


Hair loss which is caused by extreme stress is called telogen effluvium. There can be numerous reasons as to why this kind of hair loss is triggered, from a new job, giving birth or a long bout of flu could all be to blame. You will know that you are losing too much hair if it feels abnormal to you and also has been occurring for more than two weeks.


If you’ve found that you are losing hair in what appears to be small and coin-sized patches, it could also be stress related hair loss. Although this symptom is actually a characteristic of alopecia areata, the condition can flare up when the individual is under increased amounts of stress.


  1. Hair Growth Slows Down


Stress can make it more unlikely that you will make healthier food choices; therefore if you find that emotional eating has become a habit it can even slow down hair growth. Poor nutrition can be to blame for weaker hair and increased hair breakage.


  1. Your Hairline Has Started To Recede


If you are regularly pulling your hair back into the same tight ponytail or bun, this can pull the tiny hairs which grow along your hairline. Over time, this increased force on these hairs can damage the hair follicles leading to gradual thinning and weaker hair. Stick to a loose ponytail or open hairstyles, making sure that you leave your hair open when you go to bed.  If you find you’re pulling at your hair to help deal with stress then you may be suffering from trichotillomania.

If you feel you are suffering from stress related hair loss, speak to a doctor or hair loss expert for more information and advice on how to treat the condition.