How shampoo can cause your hair to thin

This is how shampoo can cause your hair to thin

How shampoo can cause your hair to thinIs your hair starting to look a little thinner? If so, it could be down to the shampoo that you’re using.

There’s been a number of high-profile cases in recent years, where shampoo has caused women’s hair to thin, or at the worst, fall out completely. While no experts can explain why it is happening, the fact remains that many people have experienced the same side effects after using the same shampoo. So, why might hair products like this lead to hair loss?

It’s all to do with the ingredients

Hair care products have changed dramatically over the years, particularly in the ingredients they use. These days you can find a wide range of shampoos on the shelf, designed for all kinds of hair types.

The ingredients which appear to be the problem in terms of hair thinning, include pearlising and conditioning agents, thickening resins and silicones. These ingredients are specifically designed to hang on to the scalp and hair shaft, even after the shampoo has been rinsed away.

Largely, these ingredients are effective at smoothening out the hair and taming frizz. However, they can also lead to serious trouble for the hair if left to build-up on the scalp. It’s thought when they do build-up, they can cause a blockage in the follicle, restricting new hair growth.

The WEN shampoo scandal

The link between shampoo and hair loss was initially revealed when users of WEN hair care products started to lose their hair. This led to a massive lawsuit, with over 200 women reportedly affected.

The company has claimed none of the ingredients used in its products could explain the hair loss. They are also claiming there could be a wide range of reasons why these women have suffered hair loss, none of which have anything to do with the shampoo they were using.

It’s certainly true that there are a lot of potential causes of hair loss. So, before blaming your hair products, it’s very important to seek advice from your GP or a hair loss expert. They will be able to determine what is causing the problem and the best course of treatment.

Overall, hair loss caused by shampoo and hair care products is rare. However, it is still worth being aware of the dangers. The ingredients to watch out for are those typically found in shampoos claiming to de-frizz, smoothen, thicken and leave the hair shiny. So, avoid these to minimise the chances of shampoo-related hair thinning

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