sea kelp for hair loss

Could sea kelp for hair loss really work

sea kelp for hair lossThere are many recommended natural hair loss treatments out there and sea kelp for hair loss has been advertised as a potential cure for years. Not only is it said to help with hair loss, but it is also promoted as being excellent for hair growth.

However, according to Sally-Ann Tarvar, a consultant Trichologist, sadly it’s an old wives’ tale and sea kelp doesn’t promote growth. So why is it so often recommended?

Why use sea kelp for hair loss treatment

The main reason sea kelp for hair loss is believed to be effective is because of its iodine content. It has naturally high iodine levels which are thought to promote normal thyroid function. Thyroid issues can cause hair loss and hair thinning, so there is some loosely based logic surrounding the myth.

The trouble is, very few hair loss cases are actually caused by the thyroid. So, boosting your iodine levels aren’t really going to do a lot. There is the possibility it could help prevent breakage however. It is thought the sulphur content helps to boost the internal bond of the hair, as well as keeping it protected against UV rays.

Other potential treatments

So, while sea kelp for hair loss could potentially benefit those suffering from thyroid related hair loss issues, it’s not going to be the most effective remedy for most sufferers. However, there are a couple of other noteworthy natural treatments you might want to check out.

Argan oil has gained a significant reputation for its hair-health boosting properties. Coconut oil is also fantastic at helping you to maintain healthy locks.

However, if you start to experience any hair loss or hair thinning, it’s important to see your doctor as there could be a variety of causes. Until you discover what’s causing the problem, it’s going to be impossible to treat it.

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