scalp psoriasis

Scalp psoriasis and hair loss

scalp psoriasisScalp psoriasis is a medical condition in which patients suffer from an itchy and uncomfortable scalp, unfortunately by scratching your scalp you could be making the condition worse and contributing to hair loss. The condition is thought to affect more than seven million Americans alone and patients of psoriasis are fifty percent more likely to develop scalp psoriasis also.

The condition develops when the immune system turns over skin cells at a faster rate than normal; this causes red and scaly patches of skin which appear as silver scales on the skin surface. The condition can range from mild to severe amongst patients and can affect small patches on the scalp or the entire area.

Patients of scalp psoriasis are likely to suffer from hair loss however thankfully the hair loss is often temporary and can be reversed. As mentioned above, scratching can contribute to the problem but other methods in which the scales are forcefully removed can also cause hair to fall out.

How to tackle scalp psoriasis

Patients are advised to try the following methods in order to manage and reduce scalp itchiness;

  • Use a conditioner on the scalp to help keep the scalp well moisturised
  • Stop using heat styling tools and hairdryers to avoid drying the scalp out
  • Try hair products which contain menthol as menthol can provide itching relief
  • Apply wet towels and ice packs against irritated areas of the scalp for itching relief

Although it is difficult to completely prevent breakouts of scalp psoriasis, the condition is manageable. In order to treat the condition, you should speak to your doctor or to a dermatologist. As there are many possible treatments available, an expert will be able to help you find the treatment which is most suitable for you and your skin type. Treatments can include topically applied medications, light treatments and other medications such as steroid creams and injections.