Risks With Microblading Eyebrows

Microblading has grown out of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) as an alternative to the tattoo needle for replacing or enhancing eyebrows. But what are the risks? We look closer.

Jami Ledbetter

Jami Ledbetter is a pretty typical American mum. At the age of 42 she was delighted to receive, from her daughter, a Groupon voucher entitling her to a treatment at a local clinic.. Instead of the maybe more traditional spa day or massage, her daughter opted for a microblading session with a certified practitioner.

For Jami, the prospect was enthralling. Having been born without eyebrows she was looking forward to finally owning a pair. She was booked in for her treatment with a “certified” microblader and, she thought, had only to turn up and endure some minor discomfort, to realise her dreams of eyebrows.

Unregulated Industry

The reality is that microblading, like SMP, is a largely unregulated industry. One where anyone can set up in practice with, in theory, no training or experience. Similarly, anyone can set up to provide “training” for others to become “certified” as microbladers.

Microblading is an unlicenced treatment in Jami Ledbetter’s home state. For her, the result was a disaster. As soon as she saw the results she was mortified, she had been left with what looked like four eyebrows. The botched treatment saw her trying to hide the problem with make-up and restricted her time out of the home to supermarket visits and going to work. She told the American news outlet WDAF, “I would never wish this on my worst enemy. What it’s done to my self-confidence, it’s been hard.” She went on “I was devastated. I was even dating a guy, and he stopped dating me at that point.”

Remedial Treatment

Efforts with make-up to mask the problem proved ineffective. Fortunately, Jami found her way to tattoo artist Kara Gutierrez who was able to help. Using a pigment lightening solution Kara has created scabs over the tattooed region, which pull the pigment from the skin. The process is a slow one, with a series of treatments needed, eight weeks apart. The cost is not insignificant either, at a total of $1000 it is several times what she originally paid for the microblading.

Hair Loss For Women

Jami’s terrible story should remind us all of the importance of due diligence. This is true even when you are dealing with a regulated industry. But when dealing with an unregulated one, like microblading, it is essential to do your homework and ensure you are being treated by someone with experience. Ask to see references and pictures of their work would be a good starting point. During the consultation take notice of your surroundings, are they suitably hygienic? What are the aftercare instructions, and, more importantly, what is the policy if things do not go to plan? It is not enough to simply google for hair loss solutions that work, you will need to examine not just the treatment you are opting for, but the clinic where you intend to receive the treatment.

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