How to reverse hair loss in women

How to reverse hair loss in women

To a certain degree, it’s deemed relatively normal to expect hair loss. Everyone can expect some sort of shedding in their lives and it’s not unusual to see strands on your bathroom floor or on your hairbrush. On average, a woman will have a tendancy to lose between one hundred and two hundred strands a day.

However, it’s also not uncommon for women to be susceptible to hair loss, or alopecia, as are men. There’s a large element of it that’s down to genetics and it’s common to notice it from between the ages of twenty to fifty. Yet it’s not the only reasons that you may suffer from hair loss. However, what do you do if you experience this distressing occurrence? How is it possible to reverse the effects of female hair loss? And additionally, is it actually possible?

Methods to Reverse Female Hair Loss

Initially, one of the most important factors to reversing female hair loss has to be establishing the underlying cause. The initial thing that your medical professional will test you for if you’re suffering with thinning is going to be the signs of an underactive thyroid. It’s key to your metabolism and when it’s underactive, it will slow down your metabolism rate and speed up the process of losing your hair.

If this turns out to be the root cause of your hair loss, a course of synthetic thyroid hormones will provide balance which should, in turn, reverse the symptoms of your hair loss.

The second thing that your medical professional may test will be your iron levels. If you are deficient in iron, it can commonly cause anemia which will result in fagigue, paleness in your skin and hair loss. It’s a simple case to rectify with a course of supplements and you should see your hair loss reversed within a short period of time.

An additional cause of hair loss is stress. However, emotional stress is less likely to cause hair loss than physical stress, yet it’s not unheard of. If you suffer from a sudden shock or are maybe going through a traumatic period in your life, it’s possible that it can aggravate an already existing and underlying hair loss problem. Generally, it’s only a temporary state and reducing stress levels is key to the general welfare of your hair. Eating a healthy well balanced diet that is rich in iron and protein will help as will a possible course of therapy and getting more exercise.

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