Sparse eyebrows - why do they happen and what can you do about them?

How to remedy sparse eyebrows

Sparse eyebrows - why do they happen and what can you do about them?When it comes to dealing with hair loss most people don’t normally think immediately about their eyebrows but actually this is an often overlooked area which with a little bit of effort can help frame your face and lift years off your appearance.

Don’t overpluck your eyebrows!

Sparse eyebrow syndrome can occur for a number of reasons from over vigorous plucking to just getting older. Overplucking doesn’t just cause a short term problem either, as the replacement hair has a reduced growth cycle and is shorter and thinner so a combination of this and the natural ageing process can ravage once healthy eyebrows permanently.

Medical conditions like alopecia don’t just affect the hair on your head either. It’s quite common for a sufferer of alopecia areata (an autoimmune condition) to lose hair all over their bodies in patches or sometimes completely.

DIY solutions

The good news is that whatever the reason for your thinning eyebrows there are some great options to help remedy the problem. Often a good quality eyebrow pencil is all that’s needed to deal with patchy loss and create a bit of definition. This can be particularly effective if mixed with a brow serum to help build strength back up in the eyebrow follicles.

Another neat cosmetic trick is fibre gel which adds volume to your existing brows by attaching tiny microfibres to the hair.

Time to call in the experts

If you’re really serious about sorting your eyebrows out permanently then there are a couple of procedures you might want to consider.

Microblading is a similar process to the increasingly popular Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) whereby fine lines of pigment are deposited in the skin by a skilled technician to give a very realistic impression of real hair.

For those who can’t do without the real thing then the top treatment is an eyebrow transplant. Using the same principles as any other hair transplant follicles are migrated from a donor site on the scalp to the eyebrows.

With all these great remedies available you’ll soon be raising your new eyebrows at the fact you didn’t tackle the problem sooner.

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