Recognition for Hair Loss Business

A hair loss business in Northern Ireland has been recognized with a business award. It marks a double triumph as the founder and driving force of the business is a woman. We look closer.

Hair Loss Solution

Conna Nagle, originally from New Zealand, has worked in the industry for 18 years and is the owner of her own clinic in Northern Ireland. From there she provides her clients, suffering from hair loss conditions, with an effective treatment using extensions and weaves to add the appearance of hair.

Hair extensions have been around for a while now, though more widespread and generally available than ever before. There will be a couple of hairdressers in your local high street offering the service. Hair weaves, of the sort worn by prominent sportsmen, where your own hair is sewn into a hair system which is then fixed in place are a more recent entrant to the female hair loss arsenal of solutions. Although they are not for everyone, the costs of maintenance can be prohibitive and they can impact on a busy social life, they can achieve a high degree of camouflage.

Hard Work Rewarded

The hard work Conna has invested in her business has clearly paid dividends. The business publication NI Business First has just listed her as one of their “NI 40 under 40.” It lists the country’s most influential young business leaders. Last year, Conna was unlucky to finish up as a finalist in the Belfast Telegraph Business Awards in the “SME Healthcare Business of the Year” section.

Hair Loss For Women

It is great to see a hair loss business recognized, it reflects the increasing importance of our industry. It was even better to see it was a hair loss business servicing female clients and run by a young woman. We sincerely hope she inspires many others to follow in her footsteps.

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