The Psychological Cost Of Hair Loss

If hair loss among women is discussed it is usually as an aesthetics issue. We take a moment to look at the very real emotional toll it can take.


Hair Loss

Around 40% of all women will suffer from hair loss by the age of just 40. We are talking here about androgenetic alopecia, of the sort we inherit from our parents. So there can be no doubt that hair loss is such a common issue that you would think much would be spoken about it. While there have been some slightly more encouraging noises coming from our media over the last few years, with more and more A-List ladies speaking about their own experiences, discussing hair loss among women has been avoided. Despite a great deal of understanding on the subject having been achieved by science, especially during the last decade, there remains a great deal of ignorance… presumably born out of that unwillingness for it to become a regular subject for discussion.

Hair and our Mental Health

Hair loss fills an unusual space when it comes to our broader health. The majority of people are likely to dismiss it as a cosmetic problem,  but that is to misunderstand the myriad non-verbal communication that our hair does for us. Hair, especially when we are young, is a signifier of our health and vitality. Since the days we lived in caves it will have been so.

Losing hair at any age is, almost invariably, a terrible shock… there are exceptions – post-partum and hair loss associated with chemotherapy would be examples. The fact that a significant amount of hair has usually already been lost before it becomes evident only exacerbates the problem. It means that, whatever the prompt was that led you to investigate the state of your hair, the examination often reveals a condition that is genuinely a shock to the system.

While hair loss can be a symptom of an underlying condition, meaning a trip to see an expert is a must, the huge likelihood is that what you are looking at will be female pattern hair loss. The condition can unleash a range of unwelcome feelings and while not a life-threatening one, or even life-changing, it can definitely be categorized as life-altering. It has implications for our self-esteem, for how we feel about our attractiveness and our sense of losing our youth.

Have no doubt about it, hair loss for a woman can be a tough journey. The sooner you engage the sooner you will be able to move on.

Hair Loss For Women

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