menopausal hair loss

Could this product help cure menopausal hair loss?

menopausal hair lossIt’s not just the menopause that can cause hair loss in women.  Any change in hormone levels such as pregnancy can affect the follicles, which like the skin can be a pretty good barometer of general well-being.   It is common for women to experience a general thinning of the hair with noticeably less volume and lustre in the months leading up to the menopause and in some cases the results can be very noticeable.  Unlike the changes after pregnancy the hair is unlikely to grow back though, so what can be done?

“Encourages a vigorous

growth of weak anaemic hair”

According to a recent article in the Express a French hair care brand, Lazartique claim to have created a product that with continued use can promote regrowth of lost hair after a three month period.  Their Stymulactic 21 serum contains a mixture of vitamins, AHA’s hyaluronic acid, collagen, plant placenta and keratin which according to their marketing “encourages a vigorous growth of weak and anaemic hair”.

The problem is that despite the claims there’s very little evidence that serum has any effect at all.  Without proper clinical trials the product could simply be a rather expensive conditioner.  If you believe that your hair is thinning and you’re in your early fifties then you’d be much better talking to an expert hair loss clinic who’ll be able to advise on the available products and solutions that are likely to work for you.

Tackle menopausal hair loss with SMP

There are proven medicines such as minoxidil which can stem hair loss and in some cases actually promote regrowth.  For more advanced loss then hair transplant surgery could be an option or Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) to reduce the contrast between the scalp and hair, creating the impression of volume.

The key thing is to speak to the professionals and not to be taken in by all the marketing blurb on the back.  Whilst it’s unlikely to actively damage your hair every day you delay seeking unbiased advice from a reputable clinic is another day of lost hair that may never grow back.

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