prgnancy hair loss

Postpartum and Pregnancy Hair Loss

prgnancy hair lossThe pregnancy and postpartum period are exciting yet challenging phases during a woman’s life where she is faced with multiple body changes. It’s normal to notice some extra hair in your shower or hairbrush during the postpartum period, which is largely down to changes in hormone levels. Pregnancy hormones can supress normal hair shedding, which is why after birth your hair requires time to catch up with its normal hair cycle of hair loss and growth.

Causes Of Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Sometimes women end up noticing hair loss during their pregnancy; the reasons behind this are largely similar to why women have hair fall at other times in her life. Female hair loss is known to be most commonly caused by a change in weight, diet, stress, dysfunction of the thyroid, anaemia or as a result of zinc deficiency.

Hair loss during pregnancy is less common than the usual postpartum hair loss period; however it is more commonly seen in patients who have had severe morning sickness, suffered from weight loss or is under some psychological stress. Typically however women are advised not to worry about the hair loss too much and to continue taking prenatal vitamins for optimal hair, skin and nail health.

Treatments For Hair Loss During Pregnancy

Treatment for hair loss during pregnancy should initially be carried out by a doctor who orders lab work to test for conditions such as anaemia, thyroid disorders and zinc deficiency. These conditions are treatable with iron or zinc supplements or medication for thyroid. You could also try taking biotin supplements, a vitamin B complex which is known to support skin health amongst other things.

It is important to remember that pregnancy comes with many physical changes. Pregnancy is a time of great excitement and anticipation but can also come with negative emotions such as anxiety and stress. Doctors highly encourage reassurance and support as a method of management for stress and psychological symptoms, especially if these are the main cause of the hair loss during the pregnancy.