Postpartum hair loss

All about postpartum hair loss

One of the questions that many will be asking is what exactly Postpartum hair loss is. In essence, it’s the sudden loss of hair that women will possibly experience after pregnancy. It can often be alarming and can sometimes fall out of the scalp at an shocking rate, even in clusters and chunks. Usually, hair loss after pregnancy, or postpartum, as we’ve now established that it’s also known as, can be expected from between three to six months after the birth.

However, the great news is that it’s a temporary condition. As quickly as many new mum’s will have noticed some hair loss after the birth, they’ll also notice that it begins to return to normal around the six to twelve months mark.

Postpartum hair loss : what is the cause?

Everyone single one of us lose a certain amount of our hair on a daily basis. On average, the hair loss is around one hundred in any given day. Yet it’s something that you really don’t notice as they don’t all fall out at once.

Whilst you are pregnant, there is a substantial increase in the level of the hormone estrogen. Estrogen is a vital part of the jigsaw as it is the hormone that stimulates the actual growth of your hair. It’s courtesy of those rises of estrogene whilst pregnant, that you invariably experience a sumptuous head of hair until shortly after delivery.

Once these hormone levels begin to regain their normal levels, all of those additional hairs that you’d gained during your pregnancy will begin to fall out. For some, it will be more noticable than for others, but invariably, the hormone changes that you’re experiencing will stimulate a reaction.

If you are breastfeeding, the postpartum hair loss process may kick in just that little bit later. Of course, it also great to remember that not every woman on the planet is necessarily going to experience postparum hair loss.

How can you help combat it?

Talk to your medical professional to establish that your hormone levels are normal. It may also be a great idea to ask them about supplements whilst your there. Thereafter, ensure that you eat a sensible and well balanced diet that includes plenty of fruit and vegetables. Additionally, try to hunt out shampoos and products containing both Biotin and Silica – it’s not only your hair that will love it… your nails will too.

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