Can the way you style your hair make post-partum hair loss worse?

Post-partum hair loss: can your hairstyle make it worse?

Can the way you style your hair make post-partum hair loss worse?It’s no secret pregnancy can have a huge impact on the hair. At first, it’s great – the hair appears longer, shinier and healthier than it’s ever been. However, it’s after the birth that things quickly start to change. Post-partum hair loss is caused by a dramatic change in the hormone levels and it’s incredibly common. After giving birth, that luxurious, perfect hair you’ve gotten used to showing off, now starts to fall out at what appears to be a rather rapid rate. It’s terrifying, but thankfully temporary.

However, in an attempt to cover it up, women are often tempted to disguise it with various hairstyles. But could the way you style your hair make post-partum hair loss worse? Unfortunately, yes, it can!

Why certain hairstyles can contribute to post-partum hair loss

For new mums, it’s natural to tie the hair back in the months following the birth. Once baby arrives, it’s difficult to find even just five minutes to spend doing your hair. Then, when you start to experience post-pregnancy hair loss, pulling it back into a tight ponytail or bun seems like the best possible solution to disguise the problem.

The trouble is, when you’re going through hair loss, the hair is already pretty fragile. So, tight hairstyles can potentially lead to further damage, contributing to the hair loss you experience. Worse still, they can actually speed up the hair loss!

Hair loss caused by tight fitting hairstyles is also quite common and it’s known as traction alopecia. Most of the time it’s temporary, but have the hair too tight and it could lead to permanent damage of the follicle – making the hair loss permanent.

How to avoid it

So, if you want to avoid making your post-pregnancy hair loss worse, avoid those tight styles and treat the hair. Use nourishing conditioning treatments and if the thinning is really noticeable, consider having a haircut.

Overall, certain hairstyles can make post-partum hair loss worse. The main thing to remember is that this type of hair loss is temporary and within months it should grow back to normal. In the meantime, there are treatments available which can help reduce the hair loss and cover up the issue.

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