Over-plucked eyebrows? Try onion juice

try onion juice for over-plucked browsIt’s an easy mistake to make … you get the tweezers out to shape your brows but get a little carried away. Before you know it, there’s very little remaining of your eyebrows and you begin to panic, knowing regrowth can be slow or even non-existent. So, could onion juice help?!

According to many sources online and recommendations from top stylists, onion juice could be the answer to helping brow regrowth!

Onion juice?

Sulfur, found in onions, speeds up hair growth and helps it grow thicker. This is why onion juice is often touted as a great ingredient to help fight against hair loss.

Onions are also said to prevent hair from greying, control dandruff and avoid hair breakage. This is because sulfur also increases blood flow and circulation.

When it comes to brows that are lacking in the hair department, the idea is to extract the juice from the onion and apply throughout the eye brow area and leave it on for 30 minutes to work its magic. If you do this up to 5 times a week for a couple of months, brows are said to grow faster and thicker.

However, lots of people are put off by the idea of applying onion juice to their face, mainly because of the smell!
So, what are the other options for people looking for a less smelly way to full eyebrows?

Eyebrow transplants

Eyebrow hair transplantation is a procedure performed under local anesthetic whereby hair from another area (usually behind the ear) is extracted and transplanted onto your eyebrow shape. It takes a few months for results to be seen.

Micropigmentation for semi-permanent brows

Eyebrow tattoos (cosmetic tattooing) are another way to get the brow shape you want. This involves micropigmentation using a needle to tattoo tiny hair pigments onto your brow in the length and shape you choose. The pigment matches your hair colour.

Our brows often define our whole face shape and appearance. Overplucking can alter the way you look dramatically. Whether you opt to give the onion juice method a whirl or want to try eyebrow tattooing or transplant for proven results, it’s important that you are happy and confident with the way your eyebrows look.

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