What not to do if you have thinning hair

What not to do if you have thinning hair

What not to do if you have thinning hairWhen the hair starts to thin, it can be extremely worrying. It’s natural to want to cover up the problem and try out as many miracle cures as possible to retain your ever thinning hair.

However, some things can actually make thin hair look a lot worse. So, before you try out those miracle cures and cover-up solutions, below you’ll discover what not to do if you have thinning hair.

Shampooing thinning hair every day

It’s tempting to start washing the hair more than usual in an attempt to make what hair you do have left appear healthier. However, shampooing every day can rid the hair of its healthy natural oils. These are responsible for keeping the hair looking shiny and healthy.

Also, the more you wash your hair, the more you’ll use heated appliances to style it. Which leads us on to the next big no-no…

Over-using heated appliances

A common way to disguise thinning hair is to curl it. Curls naturally add volume, but the trouble is, the heat can lead to further thinning. Worse still, over-using heated appliances can lead to breakage. So, you might end up with hair loss, as well as hair thinning to worry about!

To minimise damage, it’s best to ensure your heated appliances aren’t turned all the way up and you use a good quality heat protection spray prior to exposing the hair to heat.

Wearing tight hairstyles

To cover up the areas of thinning hair, it’s logical to want to tie the hair up. However, tight fitting hairstyles can also lead to hair loss known as traction alopecia. This occurs when too much pressure is placed onto the hair follicles, causing sometimes irreversible damage.

Trying out “miracle solutions”

There’s a staggering number of products out there claiming to provide a miracle cure for thinning hair. Unfortunately, the majority of them are fads. They won’t have any effect on your hair and if anything, could actually make it worse. Instead, if you really are worried, it’s best to seek out proper, well-known treatments such as Minoxidil.

Overall, thinning hair can be embarrassing and devastating for women. However, there are some pretty great treatments available these days to help. Making sure you avoid the above cover-up tips will help to ensure the hair thinning doesn’t get worse.

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