miracle hair loss supplement

New miracle product for hair loss

miracle hair loss supplementAt some point, we all dream of thick, long healthy model-like hair. Luscious hair is closely associated with ouridentity for many of us and is traditionally considered a significant part of our physical beauty. Although society seems to be accepting of hair loss amongst men, for women the topic of hair thinning and balding is much more complicated and carries some kind of taboo with it. Many women end up feeling alone and pressured to spend large amounts of money as an attempt to conceal the problem.

Unfortunately, hair loss is something that affects all a majority of us at some stage of our lives. Some of the major causes of shedding include stress, hormone imbalances, poor diet, personal health and the most common cause which is genetics and hereditary conditions. There are multiple factors we need to consider in order to be able to begin to treat hair loss and a healthy, well-balanced diet is critical for optimal hair growth. Our diet should be rich in proteins, complex B-vitamins and minerals, meaning that we need to eat a varied and healthy diet.

Nourkrin, A Vitamin Supplement To Support Hair Growth

A new supplement Nourkrin has been developed and is specially formulated to help women who need support for normal and well-nourished hair growth. The manufacturers claim that the special blend of ingredients in Nourkrin works alongside the natural hair growth cycle and helps to normalise and optimise the overall function and life of hair follicles.

Clinically Proven Hair Loss Treatments

Currently, there are two clinically proven treatments available; Minoxidil and Finasteride. Minoxidil is a medication which is topically applied to the scalp and Finasteride is an oral medication. Both must be taken on a daily basis for results to be sustainable. Some sufferers of hair loss may be suitable to use both treatment methods together for optimal results.

For more information on using supplements for reducing hair loss and other clinically proven hair loss solutions, speak to a hair loss expert or your doctor for professional advice and guidance.