Is This A New Hair Loss Tool?

It came to us in the form of an advert, not always the best introduction. But this one claims to fill a new niche in the market, we look closer.


Brittle Hair Issues

Keeping your hair in tip-top condition is an essential part of the battle against hair loss. It’s an issue that is particularly relevant at this time of year when we see an increase in issues like breakage due to the seasonal conditions. The reduction in vitamin D, supplied through the summer in vast quantities in sunlight, combines with your body’s natural cycle, which goes into winter mode, and makes it that much more challenging to keep your hair and skin healthy.

There is no shortage of products on offer from the pharmaceutical firms looking to separate you from your hard-earned cash in return for the hope of achieving more shine, or thickness, or luster (whatever that might be when we are talking about hair). Usually, in the form of shampoo or conditioner, they come with a bewildering array of promises based on some special ingredient.. a plant you never heard of, or a chemical they have just come up with, who can forget “Look out girls, here comes the science” in one shampoo advert – a warning that was followed by some utter nonsense in terms of anything scientific.

A New Angle

One company claim they have found a completely new angle of approach. We hadn’t come across them prior to seeing their advert but a Californian firm called David Alain Life Science lay claim to some experience in the hair loss industry. Under 4 brand names that we found, they develop their own products. The latest of which is called INTACT (their TM is in block capitals) Root Securing Complex.

The idea is, according to their website, that it can protect the user from what they term mechanical stress..; which includes washing, drying, and styling. The website does devote an entire paragraph to the “Science of INTACT.” Unfortunately, we didn’t learn much there – apparently, it contains a patent-pending formula, one they describe as unique which is just as well if they are hoping for a patent. It is called PiliLock Complex and offers to protect your hair during these mechanical stress events. Being a Californian product you might expect the claims of being vegan-friendly and free of parabens and phthalate… and they are all there. What is not there is what is in it.

Hair Loss for Women

We are far from sure the niche they describe even exists. It seems more likely that any deterioration in the condition of your hair and scalp due to environmental conditions might be better addressed by improving your diet. We are, just like your mother told you, what we eat.

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