How To Naturally Stop Shedding

shedding comb wet hairYou may not know this, but on a daily basis we all lose up to one hundred strands of hair. hair shedding can be triggered by multiple factors, such as genetics, stress, poor nutrition, hormonal imbalances and pollutants which are present in the environment.

If you want to prevent and deal with hair thinning, the following natural tips could help you to regain your crown;

  • Increase your protein intake. Hair is made primarily of protein, so by including an adequate amount of protein-rich foods into your usual diet you’ll improve your hair growth.


  • Avoid crash dieting, these kinds of diets may be able to help you shed pounds quickly but it’s very likely you’ll also end up shedding your hair. This is because crash diets can result in vitamin and mineral deficiencies, a lack of essential nutrients can cause your hair growth to slow down and may even stop new hair from growing altogether. Also when you are not taking in enough fat, sebum production is negatively affected and the scalp and hair can become dry, making it prone to damage.


  • Don’t comb hair while it is wet, ideally you should detangle your hair before you enter the shower to avoid large clumps of hair getting tangled up in your hairbrush.


  • Give your hair a break from hair colouring; allow your hair to ‘rest’ for at least seven to nine weeks before you expose your hair to chemicals again.


  • Avoid tight hairstyles, hairdos which require you to pull your hair back into a tight ponytail or by wearing hair extensions regularly can place stress on hair follicles and damage the hair shaft.


  • Minimise heat-styling tools, heat can weaken the hair proteins which can make hair more prone to breakage and cause hair to fall out or break easily.

Sometimes hair loss can’t be fixed by natural approaches alone and treatment may be required so it’s always best to speak to a hair loss expert if you’re worried that you’re shedding more hair than ususal.