Naomi Campbell speaks out about hair loss

Naomi Campbell speaks out about hair loss

Naomi Campbell speaks out about hair lossNaomi Campbell recently opened up to Harpers Bazaar about how she was badly affected by hair loss after years of being in the fashion industry. Unfortunately, she wasn’t the first and won’t be the last supermodel to experience hair loss as a direct result of her occupation.

Hair loss: a high price to pay for high fashion

The problem for a model is the constant adjusting of hair styles. Chemicals, colours and heat can all damage the hair and the worst offender of all is the continuous use of extensions. Of course, the hair extension is a quick and versatile way of creating exactly the look that’s required for a particularly shoot but the price to by the model can be quite severe.

Traction alopecia, as the name suggests is a condition where the hair is literally pulled from the head by the extension. Not only does it leave the model with unsightly bald spots but the effects can be permanent. Fortunately, in Naomi’s case the damage was temporary and in her words, “I do take more care of my hair now, because I lost all of it with extensions. I am more careful and I do different things.”

Moderation is the key

For the rest of us who aren’t supermodels then it’s probably best to avoid the use of extensions, despite their versatility. If you absolutely have to use them then moderation is the key. Continued usage is likely to result in hair loss so target the events and times you feel they’re required carefully, always bearing in mind the potential pitfalls.

Finally, don’t try to fit them yourself. It may be tempting to buy something cheap off ebay and go the DIY route but it’s the most likely way of causing permanent harm. Seek out a qualified hair dresser who can advise you on the most appropriate product and also fit it for you.

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