Nadia Sawalha posts emotional hair loss video

Nadia Sawalha breaks down over hair loss in emotional video

Nadia Sawalha posts emotional hair loss videoFemale hair loss can be particularly traumatic. That’s not to say that men always deal with the problem with good humoured stoicism but for women, going bald can have profound psychological effects. With 50% of men experiencing some form of hair loss by their 30s there is more acceptance, maybe even an expectation that the hair will thin with time.

Women unfortunately aren’t cut the same slack as the societal norm of female beauty is indivisibly tied to long beautiful hair. Try to think of the last time you saw a bald woman featuring in a TV programme that wasn’t specifically about hair loss or cancer.

Hair loss started after children were born

The Loose Women Star, Nadia Sawalha recently posted an emotional video on Facebook where she tells about the trauma of losing her hair. Once her “crowning glory” she tearfully explains how she started losing her hair after the birth of her children and how she’s now going bald as a result of the perimenopause, which is the stage before ovulation actually stops.

For some women with the “bald gene” there is an inevitability that the hair will continue to fall out but fortunately most people suffering from post-partum hair loss (the shedding after giving birth) the problem is only temporary and the hair normally returns to its original condition after about 6 months.

A source of inspiration for other women

For Nadia, the video is probably cathartic but for some of her fans experiencing similar conditions it’s proven a source of inspiration and comfort that they are not alone. You only have to look at some of the comments about the blog. One in particular seems to capture the general response “Bless you Nadia. So many women have to face this and you do not realise how much you have helped others by being so honest and showing your feelings about this.”

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