Everyone expects hair loss to a certain degree. We all experience it during our lives, it’s perfect normal to expect to see the odd strand or two on the bathroom floor.

In essence, if you require an average on this, women tend to lose anything from between one to two hundred strands a day.

Of course, it can clearly vary from women to women and it’s probably also prudent to mention that, in some, it can appear to be more noticable than with others. For example, if you happen to be sporting a glorious crown of long locks that are chestnut in color, you’ll notice the loss of strands of hair far more than someone with a blond crop!

Both men and women are susceptible to hair loss, or alopecia, as it’s also called and there is certainly an element that is down to genetics.

Hereditary thinning, according to research, has predominantly been inherited from the your mother’s side and it invariably will be apparent by approximately fifty years of age. Yet it’s not uncommon for it to begin from around twenty years of age.


How much hair loss is normal?

The general pattern of thinning in women will be intrinsically different to that of male balding. Whereby a man will begin to lose hair on the top of his head, women who experience thinning will notice that they don’t have a hairline that recedes. It is much more general and can be just a simple case that it loses it’s thickness. In most cases, it’s normal to experience a five to seven year cycle of growth and shedding at any given time. As a rule of thumb, ten percent of your hair is in a resting period. Meaning it isn’t growing. This can be deemed as being an older strand of hair. The old strand will eventually be pushed out of it’s follicle and replaced by a newer and shorter strand of hair.

There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration when discussing hair loss in women. It is also perfectly normal to lose additional strands of hair postpartum. Owing to a change in estrogene levels, the hormone that promotes hair growth, it’s perfectly normal to experience a period of hair loss three to six months following on from pregnancy. Additionally, a sudden shock, will also create a hormone imbalance, resulting in the loss of hair.