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The Make Up Fairy Shares Her Secret About Hair Loss Online

make up fairyAn Irish blogger known as the Make Up Fairy has recently shared her experience with hair loss. After being praised for her openness, Joanne Larby shared an emotional post thanking those who responded in a positive manner.

Blogger admits to cropping her photos to hide hair loss

Although Larby posts a lot of pictures to social media such as Facebook and Instagram, she’s admitted most of them are cropped. Due to insecurities about her hair loss, the blogger tends to crop off the top of her head where the problem is largely visible.

She also claims to cover up the problem by wearing extensions. Admitting she doesn’t think she will ever share a photo without the extensions, it highlights just how devastating hair loss can be for women.

Larby shared her experience to let others know she does have insecurities and problems like thousands of other women. She also hopes it will inspire others, as she has been inspired herself, to own their flaws, rather than be owned by them.

Hair loss is a common problem for women, but help is available

Hair loss may have once been solely linked to men, but a staggering number of women also suffer with the condition. While it can have a significant impact on confidence and self-esteem, there are many treatments available which can help.

One thing women should be wary of is wearing extensions. Although they are currently helping Larby to cover up the problem, they can actually make hair loss worse. Instead, it’s worth looking into the many treatments out there which can effectively reduce, slow down and cover up hair loss conditions.

For mild hair loss, topical treatments such as Minoxidil can prove beneficial. There’s also medications available which have proven to work. For more sever hair loss, hair transplants or SMP could be a great option.

It’s important to establish the cause of your hair loss before seeking treatment. Different causes require different treatments, so getting a diagnosis first will ensure you end up with the right treatment to help combat your hair loss.