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Low Level Laser Therapy And Minoxidil To Treat Alopecia

losing hairA new study led by researchers from Cairo University and Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt suggest that a combination of light therapy and Minoxidil may help treat female pattern hair loss. Millions of women who suffer from androgenic alopecia may be able to finally regrow their hair much faster by using the iGrow Hair Growth System which is FDA approved and contains Minoxidil (5%).

Study Methodology

The study had forty five adult female participants who suffered from female pattern hair loss and randomly divided these women into three separate treatment groups. The first group of participants were asked to apply Minoxidil on a twice-daily basis, the second group received three separate twenty five minute iGrow low level laser therapy per week and the third group were treated combining the two therapies.

Study Findings and Conclusion

The patients who used a combination of therapies ended up experiencing the fastest and most significant differences in hair regrowth and had the highest level of self-reported satisfaction. This group had a significant increase in the number of new hair follicles within two months, which were two months sooner than the other two groups using one treatment only. After four months, the hair follicles in the combined therapy group were analysed and observed to be at a deeper dermal level than the hair follicles of participants in the other two groups. This meant that the hair follicles were more firmly anchored and had a much higher chance at sustainability.

The study concluded that as a treatment on its own, low level laser therapy appears to have a slight upper hand over Minoxidil. It also suggests that using these two therapies in combination speeds up hair growth for those who are suffering from a genetic hair loss. This evidence is able to bring comfort to women that there are other hair solutions which allow them to look and feel at their best.