• Low level laser treatment for women

Out of the many different types of female hair loss treatments on the market, low level laser treatment is fast becoming one of the most popular. Designed to help boost the circulation of the scalp and encourage hair regrowth, there are even devices you can buy and use at home. The question is, is low level laser treatment effective and is it suitable to treat hair loss in women?

What is low level laser therapy?

Low level laser treatment is also referred to as biostimulation, cold laser, red light therapy and soft laser treatment. Its links to hair regrowth were discovered in 1967 after a Hungarian scientist was using laser therapy to treat mice with cancer. He found the hair in the group of mice that had been treated with laser therapy, grew back at a much faster pace than on the group which hadn’t received the treatment.

This discovery then led to the development of the low level laser hair loss treatment used today. It works by emitting a gentle light onto the scalp, stimulating circulation. In order to be effective, the treatment needs to be used several times a week, for a short period of between eight to fifteen minutes at a time. Usage and results will depend upon the severity of the hair loss however.

For best results, this type of treatment is often combined with Minoxidil 2%, a topical hair loss solution.


Do low level laser therapy home devices work?

At-home low level laser treatment devices are readily available, but some of them can be ineffective. They are also pretty costly so rather than potentially wasting a lot of money, it’s worth seeking advice from a female hair loss expert and, if necessary, investing in proper in-clinic laser treatments.

It’s also important to realise that this type of hair loss treatment for women isn’t going to work for everyone. It’s mainly going to be effective for those suffering from female pattern baldness, known as androgenetic alopecia. If your hair loss is caused by a thyroid problem or any other medical issue, this type of treatment isn’t going to work. For this reason, it’s highly recommended you visit a female hair loss expert before spending any money on low level laser treatment.

There have been some studies which suggest low level laser treatment can be effective for some women suffering from another common hair loss condition called alopecia areata. However, further research needs to be carried out to establish whether this is 100% accurate.

Overall, low level laser treatment can be very successful when treating genetic-related female hair loss. However, it’s best to opt for a treatment at a well-known female hair loss clinic, rather than experimenting with at-home devices.