how going bald at 30 helped me appreciate what I've got

How going bald at 30 helped me appreciate what I’ve got

how going bald at 30 helped me appreciate what I've gotAfter discovering she was going bald at just 30 years of age, Saba Imtiaz has opened up about the devastating effects it had on her mental health and how she managed to overcome it. Her story is just one of many inspiring cases of women who have lost their hair and gone on to become more confident, happier and at peace with themselves.

Here, you’ll discover more about Imtiaz’s experience and how she managed to use the experience to appreciate what she has.

Imtiaz’s hair loss journey

Imtiaz actually discovered she was first losing her hair at age 17. However, although extremely worrying, it proved to be temporary and she put it down to the strong heat of Karachi.

It wasn’t until she was aged 30, the problem really took over. She started to lose hair for a few weeks before she discovered her hairline was also receding. Initially, Imtiaz was devastated. Like most women who start to go bald, she was ashamed, she blamed her unhealthy lifestyle choices and her confidence hit rock bottom.

She admits she spent a staggering amount of money on potential hair loss solutions to cover up the problem. However, nothing worked which led to a lot of self-pity. It took a long time for her to overcome the extreme emotional distress caused by losing her hair, but eventually she managed to accept the situation.

Going bald: the importance of a proper diagnosis

As well as Imtiaz’s new inspiring attitude to hair loss, something else that can be taken from her story is the importance of getting a proper diagnosis.

So many women, desperate to regain their thick, full locks, spend a fortune on hair loss products. However, depending upon the cause of the condition, these will often have very little effect on the hair.

Hair loss can be caused by many different factors so it’s extremely important to get a proper diagnosis before treatment can be started.

Overall, Imtiaz proves that your hair doesn’t have to define your life. While most types of hair loss can be treated, even if you do go completely bald, it doesn’t need to control or define your life. It’s absolutely possible to embrace the baldness and go on to be a happy, healthy person.

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